Spring Break 2019

Easter comes right after Spring Break; one might say it 'finishes it off'.

Easter comes right after Spring Break; one might say it 'finishes it off'.

Sara Templeton, Josh Porter, and Jamie Smalls

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It’s truly getting to that point in the year. It’s quarter number four, and that means the school year is nearing its end. Though, before summertime, students need to take a pit stop and enjoy Spring Break: The one week and a few days students and teachers can enjoy without school. Spring Break is a nice time off for most, but TMS staff and students have many different perspectives on the break from school.

As students and teachers move through the year, school can become pretty stressful. A break, Spring Break in this case, would be helpful every now and then for everyone. Obviously, it only comes once a year, but that’s what Summer is for. Spring Break is considered more of a recharge; a relieving one at that. Evidence of this comes from 7th Grade Counselor Mrs. Handy.

“People use Spring break to recharge and relax because everybody needs a break sometimes,”  said Handy. She enjoys Spring Break in her way by seeing her family all over the United States.

Spring Break is a total of 9 days, and boy, were those days needed.

As we all know, Spring Break is an excellent time to fill the days by simply kicking back and relaxing or even as big as traveling far across the country to see family or places. Teachers and Students in many ways use spring break to travel around and see family or use it as a relaxing, stay at home break. The nine off-days during April truly act as something to look forward to in the future and a motivation to finish strong in the coming weeks.

During the break, both students and teachers get outside at least a bit with the nice weather at the beginning of Spring. Ecstatic about this and much more joyous things about the break, 7th-grade math teacher Mr. Colaciello prepares for the off days.

¨I can eat whenever I want to and I can go wherever I want; if I want to go to the store, I can go, I don’t have to plan it around anything.¨ he says. As the leader of the Fearless Fangs team, Colaciello will have a lot dropped off his back when the break rolls around.

Enjoying the freedom of not having to plan and schedule, many students and teachers happily sleep in. Spring break does not fall on the same date of the past years, and some teachers such as Mr. Colaciello believe that it can be a very difficult time. With the separation of SOLs, Field Day, and summative grades in the fourth quarter, it can become increasingly troublesome to plan around all these things.

Teachers may have increased stress levels near the coming days before Spring Break, but this doesn’t mean students aren’t in the same place. 8th grader Erin Mason, all for the break, thinks the best of Spring Break and seems to thoroughly enjoy the time off.

“ I enjoy stay(ing) home and relax(ing), rather than going out on vacation,” she says.

As you can see and may already know, Spring Break is a marvelous time for a relaxing, fun-filled, or even lazy break away from school. So don’t let your Spring Break fly by too fast; make sure to really enjoy it in your own way.