A Trailside Look Into Earth Day

The cherry blossums are back. They are so pretty!

The cherry blossums are back. They are so pretty!

Sarah Perry and Iman Faisal

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The sun is finally shining and the students here at Trailside Middle School are excited about the upcoming summer break. Since Easter is such a big holiday, Earth Day and many other holidays usually get forgotten. Earth Day celebrates the diversity of our plant and wildlife. Earth day is celebrated on April 22nd as a worldwide holiday. The holiday’s meant to protect and save this planet.

Earth day is held to demonstrate support for environmental protection, and it was first celebrated in 1970. When there was a massive oil spill that occurred in California in 1969, the senator Gaylord Nelson was disturbed that an issue as important as our environment was not addressed in politics. He wanted to show other u.s politicians this issue and after many of his efforts, Earth day was formed and is celebrated every year on April 22.   

As the weather gets warmer flowers start appearing. The picture above is a picture of some flowers.

Since the weather is getting warmer many students are starting to go out after. They are playing sports and having fun outside.

Earth day is a Holiday everyone worldwide should celebrate. Anything even a small change can help. Planting a flower, picking up trash or even just waking instead of riding a car can help. Many have traditions that they believe help earth stay healthy. ‘ I usually never do anything but I really want to start a garden with my friends” Said Safiya Fatima a student of 8th grade.


As the days start to become longer and warmer t annual earth day comes along. Many wonder what they should do during Earth Day ” I really want to do something for earth day but I just don’t know how or what I should do. I either never find the time or just get lazy” says one 8th grader Marwa Askerzada. Thankfully there are many things to do that are fun easy and quick. Here are a couple of examples of stuff you might want to try on Earth day!

Since the weather’s getting warmer you can spend the afternoon at the beach.  After you go swimming to a quick “Beach Clean” pick up water bottles, plastic bags, and other trash. You can also buy a water bottle. Earthday is a great time to start new habits. Most people really need to drink more water. By buying a reusable water bottle you can cut back on plastics that would be otherwise harming the environment. Another thing you can do is go Vegan for a day. “Raising animals for food requires massive amounts of land, food, energy, and water and causes immense animal suffering,” says PETA on earth day go meat free. You will be saving water and help slow down global warming. Finally, one of the simplest, but most effective answer is to just go and plant some flowers in your backyard. Not only will your backyard look beautiful you’ll help remove pollutants from the air.


Our planet does so much for us. It’s where we live, it provides for us and we don’t show it enough appreciation. Planting trees and picking up after ourselves are ways to show some love for the earth. Even if it seems like something small, it can really help in the long run. Let us know what you do during earth day in the comments!