WLBCC – Nintendo LABO: VR Kit Review!

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WLBCC – Nintendo LABO: VR Kit Review!

William Lovejoy, Tech Blogger

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Hello, everybody, and welcome back to William’s Low-Budget Cardboard Crafts! This month’s article is going to be a little different than the others. I’m going to be doing a review of the Nintendo Labo VR Kit, and in case you don’t know what it is, here’s a quick summary:
You get the game/software, you pop out cardboard pieces, build a project, insert the controllers and get playing. Quick and painless, right? Good. Now, time to review!

The Nintendo Labo VR Kit is a virtual reality simulator made by Nintendo that retails fully at $79.99, or partially at $39.99. The full kit includes the game software, all of the cardboard sheets, rubber bands in two sizes, red film stickers, two sheets of sponge stickers, and reflective stickers. The projects include the VR Goggles, the Toy-Con Pinwheel, the Toy-Con Camera, the Toy-con Bird, the Toy-Con Elephant, the Toy-Con Wind Pedal, and the Toy-Con Blaster. The partial kit, for $39.99, comes with a fraction of the cardboard sheets, rubber bands in two sizes, red film stickers, two sheets of sponge stickers, and reflective stickers. The partial kit’s projects include the VR Goggles, the Toy-Con Pinwheel, and the Toy-Con Blaster. You can buy two expansion sets that come with two other projects. Expansion Kit 1 comes with the Toy-Con Camera and the Toy-Con Elephant. Expansion Kit 2 comes with the Toy-Con Bird and the Toy-Con Wind Pedal. Alright, with the formal talk and statistics out of the way, let’s get started!

The VR Goggles.

I’d like to address that the only rendition of this I could find is the partial kit, so I can only give you insight on a couple of things. First of all, the pricing is decent. One thing I would love to point out is the fact that you could buy the full kit or the partial kit with the two expansion packs for the exact same price. This immediately gets a five out of ten just for this. You’ve gotta check the price to see whether you’re being ripped off! The next thing I go into is how it’s designed. The software is cartridge only, which I can accept based on people’s pirating habits. The instructions are built into the software, which is very handy. The music is very nice, but I’d like to talk about something. The first Labo kit I had ever got was the Variety Kit, and the building instructions (that are, again, included with the software), only had one OST (song) for the instructions. The good thing about every other kit (Robot, Vehicle, and VR kits), it has another, more relaxing

The Toy-Con Pinwheel.

soundtrack. The VR Goggles are definitely very nice and useful, but it doesn’t come with a head strap. The nice thing is, it’s cardboard, and you can make a head strap yourself without damaging the console.

The Pinwheel is incredibly innovative. The only thing that I’m dissatisfied with is the fact that the wheel can be disconnected easily if you use it. There is one option that can partially keep it on while spinning naturally is to fold the flaps that poke out. The Blaster is one of two more ambitious projects you can create, the other one being the wind pedal which I do not own. Back to the Blaster. Its design is very innovative and the amount of thought that went into it must have been massive. Its functionality comes together that allows it to work the video game while also giving actual physical recoil. It is incredibly realistic and gets a very high score.

The Toy-Con Blaster.

Alright… with everything in my possession here is the final score:
9 out of 10! It was a delight to build and play with, and I am saving up money to buy the other expansion sets. Thank you for visiting and reading my review, and have a wonderful day!