Summer Kickoff Comes Back to Ashburn

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On May 25th, the Ashburn Farm Association will be hosting its annual Summer Kickoff.  Summer Kickoff is an event meant for all ages where people can spend the day going on rides, playing in the pool, and doing other activities provided by the association.

The Summer kickoff is an event for Ashburn residents where people gather together to celebrate the beginning of summer. It takes place on May 25th this year at Windmill Pool in Ashburn from 4-9 pm. There, you can enjoy food, hang out with friends, go on rides, and swim in the pool. Along with that, you can listen to live music performed by various bands. Once it reaches 9 pm, the staff starts the annual firework show over the Windmill Pond. Some of the attractions at the Summer Kickoff are rides, food trucks, games, and fireworks for all ages. One of the rides included is a rock wall, where people can race to the top.

Abigail Baltich
One of the many sets of fireworks from last year’s summer kickoff. This year there will also be fireworks, so make sure to attend the summer kickoff if you want to take a sight.

Speaking of rides, 7th grader Sianna Eaves said “Although I did not go there last year, I’ve been going there pretty much my whole life. The rides are meant for children. Kids usually have fun but after the age of 12, but after, kids start to get bored.

Thanks to the people who organized the kickoff, you won’t be hungry. The summer kickoff will feature food trucks and other food stands for everyone. Eaves also talks about the food at the kickoff. “The food, on the other hand, was great, they had a subway, ice cream, burgers, and hot dogs. You could not possibly go hungry while being in the summer kickoff.

Century 21 Redwood Realty
The windmill pool displays above. The pool is the location of the Summer Kickoff. Some things you can do during the Summer Kickoff are eating food, go on various rides, and other things.

7th grader Kenny Appling said many positive things about the kickoff, “The Summer Kickoff is really nice. The rides and carnival are sick and I’ve been going there since last year. I liked the pool the best. They have a basketball hoop and sometimes they have swimming race.”

Like Kenny, another 7th grader Bibek Kharel agrees but has something to say for himself. “I’ve been going to the Summer Kickoff for 4 years and haven’t seen a worse summer kickoff than last year. I am going to be going to the kickoff this year, and I really want this year to be better than last year.

People at Trailside seem to like the Summer Kickoff and are looking forward to it this year. 7th grader Dylan Scott has been going to the summer kickoff for years with his friends. He says: “I loved the Summer kickoff last year, and I am totally looking

forward to going there this year as well. I usually go there with my family and friends, as it is a great time to see my neighbors and other people from around this neighborhood.”

Ashburn Farm Association
A photo of the location of the fireworks show. The fireworks take place at 9 pm.

Generally, you might want to bring something to give out to the community as the common student normally consumes things. We need to think about giving back to the community for once. Yes, the statement is liberal, but if we think hard, we at Trailside consume many things. We utilize education for free, believe it or not, there some places where there aren’t public schools. We expend the care of our parents, use pretty much all the neighborhood necessities like tennis courts and pools. Yet we rarely think about giving back.

The summer kickoff is a great opportunity to give back to the community and to have fun with your friends and family. There will be rides, games, and various food choices open for the visitors. Make sure to stay if you can stay for the firework show until 9 pm. Hopefully, The Summer Kickoff this year will be splendid, due to the rides, games, and food.