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Gina Gabrielli, Staff Writer

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Everything Everything is a book full of romance, adventure, and shows the perspective of a girl whose life isn’t quite like ours. On May 19th,  Everything, Everything came to theaters around the country. This moving book is definitely an excitement among some students who are eager to watch the new movie.

“ …I am interested in seeing how they brought the book to life,” Ashley Ganey, of seventh grade, said.

“ The book was exciting and you got to discover the life of someone with a disability of some sort and how they overcome it,” Ashley Ganey also said. She loved the book and when she got the opportunity to dig deeper into the main character Madeline Whittier’s disease for a science project, she took it.

“ Books are always better than the movies,” Ms. Skarupa, a seventh grade Communications and English teacher said. Even adults love this book!

Some students enjoyed other books by Nicola Yoon, author of Everything Everything.  A popular book mentioned was The Sun Is Also A Star. “ I’ve started reading The Sun Is Also A Star, but I stopped reading it because it was boring to me” Kylie Kassick, who has also read Everything, Everything said. “ I have not read any other books but I am planning on reading The Sun Is Also The Star,” Jillian Kotin,

“ I think that people who like romantic, realistic fiction would love this book!” Jillian Kotin said. “ I certainly do!” she concluded. “ Any girls seventh grade or up would enjoy this book and even some seventh grade boys might enjoy it but the content might be too mature for them.  “It is mostly a read for girls,” Ms. Skarupa also mentioned.

Many students are talking about this movie and are sure that they will see it as soon as they can. Many mentioned that they are excited to see the book “come to life,” and are eager to “compare and contrast” the book to the movie. Others enjoyed the book’s perspective and are wanting to see how the characters and the overall book will be “portrayed” in the movie. Many kids are very excited to see it and will see it as soon as possible!


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Everything Everything