2017-2018 Staff

Hailey Loftin

Student Life

Hailey Loftin is a 7th grader here at Trailside Middle School. When she has free time, she likes to visit museums and during the winter she likes to bowl and in the summer she likes to swim. She also attended a dance school in...

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Molly Alonso

Student Life Writer

Molly Alonso is a 7th grader here at Trailside Middle School. She participates on a Volleyball team and does the Girl Up club. Some of Molly’s hobbies include Volleyball, reading, and listening to music. Her favorite topic to...

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Kaden Nickens

Student Life Writer

Kaden Nickens is a 7th grader at Trailside middle school. Kaden plays basketball as his main sport. Kaden like to play outside and go on walks with his friends. Also Video game are apart of his daily routine. One of this favo...

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Khalil White

Photographer, Sports Writer

Khalil White is a 7th grader and a photojournalist for Trailside Times.  His favorite hobby is football. What makes him unique is that he can sleep through everything.  His future goal is to work more. His favorite sport is...

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Sara Templeton

Student Life Writer

Sara Templeton is a 7th grader at Trailside Middle, and is also a very passionate athlete who competes in Karate and Soccer. She is very interested in writing realistic fiction. She loves to write about student lives also. Engli...

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Emily Kittelson

News Writer

Emily Kittelson is a 7th grader at Trailside Middle School. Emily is athletic, plays soccer, is on a competitive cheerleading team and swims during the summer. Her hobbies include baking cakes, making chocolates, helping the ...

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Sumayya Khan


Sumayya Khan is a Seventh Grader at Trailside Middle School. Sumayya enjoys reading, writing, and drawing in her free time. She also participates in Science Olympiad, Girl Scouts and a out-of-school chorus. Sumayya is unique becau...

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Riley Jeffery

Student Life Writer

Riley Jeffery is a 7th Grade Trailside Middle School Student.  He is very excited to learn how to become a journalist. Favorite Video Game: Rainbow Six Siege.  Favorite place in Loudoun: Trailside Middle School. Favorite artist:...

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Megan Helge


Megan Helge is a 7th grader here at Trailside Middle School. She is a competitive swimmer and swims four days a week. Megan is also apart of Girl Scouts and Trailside Times. Megan loves to crochet, craft, swim, listen to music an...

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Patrick Devine

Student Life Writer

Patrick Devine is a 7th Grade student at Trailside Middle School. His favorite food is Steak and Mashed Potatoes. He loves Virginia Tech and Virginia.  He also loves the New York Yankees, and the Washington Nationals. His favor...

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Jane Harwood

Student Life Writer

Jane Harwood is a 7th grader at Trailside middle school. Jane is involved in Trailside Times and  Loudoun County League Field Hockey. Some of her hobbies are reading, watching tv, and playing field hockey. Jane likes to write abo...

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Charlie Hughes

Sports Writer

Charlie Hughes is a 7th grader at Trailside Middle School. He plays baseball, basketball, and wants to start playing soccer.  He also enjoys the thrill of roller coasters. He really wants to cover sports for the Trailside Ti...

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