Emily Kittelson is a 7th grader at Trailside Middle School. Emily is athletic, plays soccer, is on a competitive cheerleading team and swims during the summer. Her hobbies include baking cakes, making chocolates, helping the local community by volunteering at Girl Scout camp, her church and the Ashburn library or just hanging out with her friends. Emily likes writing about events in her life as well as new and upcoming events in the community. Emily likes all of her classes but her favorite class is History. One thing that stands out about Emily is her good sense of humor as well as her compassion for other people. Emily made a goal for herself at the start of sixth grade to get honor roll all four quarters and she reached that goal with lots of hard work and determination.  Emily is interested in helping people with cancer and those on the autism spectrum.  Emily also  loves to be outdoors, whether it is with her friends, family or playing in her sports. She is a team player off the field in everyday life or on the soccer field or cheer floor.

Emily Kittelson, News Writer

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