Emily Rapps is a student at Trailside Middle School. She is also one of the editors-in-chief for the Trailside Times newspaper. Almost everyday after school, she has activities. She does homework and then she goes to cheer. Still, she manages to get all of her work done and on time. Her hobby is cheer. She is part of the Fitwize J3 team. Her favorite topic to write about is music and other types of entertainment. Her favorite class is science because someday she hopes to be a doctor. Something very unique about her is her writing style. Some people just write down facts, while Emily writes as if she is having a conversation. You can really hear her voice in all of her writing pieces. One of her favorite accomplishments she has made is winning the SEAC award. SEAC stands for Special Education Advisory Committee. She won it by going into the preschool classroom everyday before school and everyday during recess. The preschool room at Cedar Lane Elementary school was only for special education children. Emily helped out and was always letting the kids lead the small amount of time they had together,  which is one of the main reasons she won the award. When Emily gets older, she hopes to become some sort of pediatric doctor. She loves working with children and making them smile.

Favorite sport: competitive cheer

Favorite vacation spot: Hilton Head Island, SC

Favorite outdoor activities: skiing (winter) and swimming (summer)

Emily Rapps, Co-Editor

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