Zubair is 7th grader at Trailside Middle School. Born in Philadelphia, PA, he is a die-hard Eagles Fan. He also is a hard-working Boy Scout who people look up to in his troop. Whether its hanging out at Zinga or zapping people at the Zone He won’t let a single movie go by without watching it at AMC Starplex. Taking a bite out out of the original at Elevation Burger and slurping a Frappuccino at Starbucks, Zubair also loves watching Ali-A no matter how bad it seems. He always loves a low chuckle joke so be sure to give one in the hallways! During his free time he also enjoys playing Fortnite Battle Royale, reading Star Wars novels and watching Netflix. Zubair is always prepared, so if you need anything he will be happy to help you. His favorite classes are Science with Ms. Milne and Math with Misss. Leek. So remember that Zubair is a kid worth listening to. Zubair ran for 6th grade representative last year and lost by 1 vote. In the future Zubair hopes to build a working lightsaber as a Star Wars memorabilia. Speaking of Star Wars, Zubair has a most impressive knowledge of it. He is looking for someone to talk to about it. He is also currently doing Vex Robotics this year and is looking for a team member. If you are reading this, tell Zubair your favorite video game if you see him in the hallways. If you don’t like video games, tell him your favorite movie to let him know you read this. Other than that, Zubair is a man willing to take any good job.

Zubair Mahedavi, Media Reporter

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