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Emily Hughes is a 7th grader at Trailside Middle School.  She participates in soccer club.  She loves to read and write in her free time.  She mostly writes short stories or unusual  things in the news.  She enjoys learning about science because her teacher is fun and she loves to learn about how the world works.  One of her talents is running, she has came in second place in a big race.When she is older she would love to go to college.  She has 2 dogs one is a Bernese mountain dog and the other one is a beagle. She loves to play outside with friends.  When she is outside with her friends she loves to ride her penny board.  During the summer she loves to go to the beach for vacation.  She likes to watch movies when it’s a rainy day and she has nothing to do, her favorite movie right now is the new Jumanji. When she is not playing outside or watching a movie you can find her reading a book.  Her favorite book currently is One for the Murphys by Lynda Mullaly Hunt.  Emily is a hard worker and she loves to write for the Trailside Times.

Emily Hughes, Reporter

Emily Hughes