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Eva Lanham is a Seventh Grader at Trailside Middle School. She plays field hockey, basketball, and she swims. She loves going on bike rides and doing handstands all the time. She loves to write about cooking specifically comparing store brands to name brands. She love physical education, and something that makes her different is she is obsessed with handstands even though she has never done gymnastics. She has made it to several all-star tournaments in field hockey and she really wants to travel the world when she is older. Some fun facts about her is that she has a dog and a cat, she loves the ocean, and she has been to Canada and Mexico. Her favorite food is mac and cheese and her favorite vacation spot is Sheffield, Illinois. She loves going to the Ashburn Farm pool, and her favorite movie is It. She doesn't have a favorite artist or book, but she does have a favorite sport and that's field hockey.

Eva Lanham, Reporter

Eva Lanham